Cool things

Just EIPC!

January 20, 2010

I'm really amused by this thing...
and yes I did join in ... didn't you too?
one question though..
Why the hell its so fun?!

Youtube catch!

December 15, 2009

RANDOMNESS! from youtube.

Ok this AMV is like really old but It still good to see these things up and running because youtube clearly removed a lot of the AMVs or muted them because of the copyright thing.

Anyway This one will make you feel dizzy @_@ and Its one of my fav!!

And Itachi Can Dance!!

Just incase ... take Panadol or something :P


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December 15, 2009
Hey people!
Does anyone remember how we used to have fun and kill time on the old windows 95-98 ?
yea some of you may remember the minesweeper! It was something cool and addicting too .... I'm joking that game is for nerds lol "I heared something about  minesweeper two and stuff I don't know what is the difference yet but still back to the subject" I found this OMG-sooo-old-game while browsing I think that most of you remember it.
Yes skifree!!
The game was released orignaly on 1991 created by ...
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Cool Things

December 14, 2009
You can call this the epic section!
Here I'll post the most Twisted/Interesting things I found on the net! *click and hold*
So be prepared for it! as its not called RANDOM/TWISTED from nothing ;)

Yea .... That game! Comments
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